Classeq Duo 500 dishwasherClasseq Duo 500 Commercial Dishwasher Classeq Duo 500

Fitted with a WRC approved type A air break, waste pump and rinse boost pump

The compact Classeq Duo 500 commercial dishwasher washes 9 dinner plates per hour, it has built in chemical & rinse aid dispensers & a single piece wash arm which provides highly effective wash action for up to 180 plates per hour.
The Classeq Duo 500 dishwasher has a 9 litre wash tank which reduces water consumption and minimises running costs, along with a double skinned insulated cabinet & door reduces heat loss and lessens noise during operation
Also, The Classeq duo 500 dishwasher is fiitted with full width wash tank filters & removable rack guides to allow easy cleaning & maintenance
The Classeq Duo500 dishwashers can connect to a hot or cold water supply.
This Classeq dishwasher has an internally fitted type A air break tank, this is required to meet current water regulations for all commercial dishwashers connected to the mains water supply

Classeq duo 500 Dishwasher Electronic Service Manual with Spare Parts List - Click here

classeq duo 500 508 commercial dishwasher

Warranty   2 years parts & labour
Basket size   400 x 400mm
Wash cycle   3 minutes
Load Capacity   9 dinner plates or 18 cups
Wash Chamber Height   325mm
Dimensions   W470 D550 H760
Depth with door open 870mm
Electrical Connection 13 amp
Load   2.75kW
WRC approved type A air break   Fitted
Waste pump   Fitted
Rinse boost pump   Fitted
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Classeq duo 500 duo500 Dishwasher