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  Installation of Classeq dishwashers is available nationwide  
  Classeq in London  
  Front Loading Dishwashers  
  Installation and commissioning of front loading dishwashers (i.e. Hydro 500, 700 750 800 & Duo 500, 750  
  range) is available nationwide for 135  
   Removal of existing machine is 90  
  Pass Through Dishwashers  
  Installation and commissioning of front passthrough hood dishwashers (i.e. Hydro 850, 900) is  
  available nationwide for 209  
  Installation of tabling (i.e. sinks, taps, pre shower) is 156  
  Removal of existing machine is 189  
  Please Note  
  The installation charges relate to a clear & accessible site with the correct electrical, water & waste services within one metre of the machine and that the mains isolator and water valves are operable. Work is carried out during normal working hours 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.  
  All prices exclude Vat  

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