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  The launch of the new Classeq dishwasher range brings to an end the much loved Classic commercial  
  dishwasher range.  
  A limited stock of Classic dishwashers is still available at special prices & carry a full onsite warranty.  
  Due to Classic dishwashers high popularity in commercial kitchens across the Uk, spare parts will be  
  available for many years to come and Classic dishwashing machines are well known for outstanding  
  performance and reliability  
  This is probably your last chance to own one of these machines, once there sold out, there gone.  
  The new Classeq commercial dishwasher range is now available and proving very popular and can be  
  found if you click here  
  Special offers available on Classic hydro 500, Classic Hydro 700, Classic Hydro 750,  
  Classic Duo 500 and Classic Duo 750 while stocks last  

The Classic Hydro range come complete with detergent & rinse injectors and have an optional drain pump, They can be wired to a 13 or 30 amp electrical supply and have single skinned cabinets

classic hydro 500 commercial dishwasher

classic hydro 700 commercial dishwasher

classic hydro 750 commercial dishwasher

Classic Hydro 500

Classic Hydro 700

Classic Hydro 750

 Commercial Dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers

Commercial Dishwasher


The Classic Duo range come with full specification as standard including a built in air break tank, rinse boost pump, drain pump and detergent & rinse aid injector pumps and have double skinned insulated cabinets & doors, available as 13 or 30 amp

classic duo 500 dishwasher

classic duo 750

Classic Duo 500

Classic Duo 750

Commercial dishwashers

Commercial Dishwasher

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